No more e-mails laden with huge images, and HTML, which have ages to download and to obstruct the process so my connection is extremely slow. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mashable. 7. Being able to go to catch up on my newsletter or favorite blogs anytime I feel like – like relaxing and reading a newspaper. Can you add more reasons here? Maybe we can make this the longest "Why I Love RSS" list there;) In addition, thousands of weblog authors publish feeds to stay connected to their readers. Weblogs, popularly known as blogs, are a driving force behind the recent surge of interest in RSS and syndicated content.

Many experts believe that in the near future, the number of first-level sites syndicate any content will be in the minority. However, if you are interested in collecting food and shipping, has a multitude of options. There are two main categories of reading applications Food: installable desktop programs and online aggregators. There are many desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS X users of the system, but two of the most popular are (Windows) and / NetNewsWire (Mac OS X). However, both require a small purchase price but are at the top of the class of user. They come pre-loaded with dozens of channels, so you can start exploring the syndication "universe" right away.

Readers are also free available. Making a simple Google search for "Free RSS Reader" will give sufficient results. However, if you are a publisher or webmaster, looking for a service to publish your own feeds, then, is what I recommend. This service is free and is like a gold mine for webmasters and publishers that want to quickly create, publish and update even track their RSS feeds from anywhere in the world. However, the site is new and still in its stages of growth (beta version) and it promises to add more new and interesting features in the near future. The site is completely professional and gives a valuable service for everyone. They even offer some basic indicators of RSS as how many unique visitors and click? your feed throughs are receiving. As I can learn from their FAQ page, which could introduce useful new features soon, but for a price. Syed Ibrahim is an expert in Internet marketing that provides people with better marketing solutions and Internet services.

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