Testing Web applications, concepts and classification Introduction The growing development of the Information Technology and Communications (ICT) have led society to fit into a world where the impact of the Software (SW) has revolutionized the way thinking and acting of people with whom they interact. The struggle of the large producers be better each day, offering cheap and affordable products to users in a few years has transformed the way we do and develop activities, which were formerly made with other programs and now are made more easily, quickly and cheaply, using a high quality software in the world market. Today is a reality that there are difficulties in the testing process to be applied during the development of web applications to achieve total customer satisfaction. Some of these include that:

There is no methodology to guide the implementation process of evidence in each of the phases. There is inconsistent evidence design. No integration tests are performed, reviewed No deployment models. No tools are used in testing. 1.1 Testing Testing is an activity in which a system or component is executed under specific conditions or requirements, the results are observed and recorded, and an assessment is made of some aspect of system or component. (1) The test is a process that focuses on the internal logic of the software and external functions. The test is a process of executing a program with the aim of discovering an error. A good test case is one that has a high probability of showing a mistake not discovered until then. .