Twenty years later, Renata (Viale), the daughter of women, aims to end years of pain and maternal absence. (Source: Mashable). That's why we decide to do justice using her beauty as the only weapon. Thanks to this feature does work for Lorenzo (Taibo) the man who brought so much sadness to his mother and, from then on, it is proposed to carry out a plan for revenge and pay back in kind. But she does not have an obstacle that can ruin your plan: get to know Lautaro (Heredia) love of his life, neither more nor less than the son who hates so much. Who embodies TO unfavorably? Juana Viale Argentina is an American actress, granddaughter of the famous actress and presenter and filmmaker Mirtha Legrand Daniel Tinayre. She began her acting career in 2003, when a character enters the second phase of Customs Argentinas.Su Marcela mother and father Tinayre Ignacio Viale, has two brothers, Ignacio "Nacho" and Rocco (son of Marcela with Marcos Gastaldi). Ali Partovi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He was previously the Ivan de Pineda model.

In 2002 begins a courtship with musician Juan de Benedictis, son of the Argentine singer Piero. Soon she becomes pregnant. In this regard their first daughter Amber was born, when Juanita was 20. In 2003 he met Argentine Tomas Fonzi in Customs, and begins a romance with him. In 2005 he met Gonzalo Valenzuela Double Life and become a couple. In this couple's second child was born Juanita, Silvestre.

In 2009, Valenzuela was separated, and had a brief romance with tennis player Gaston Gaudio, although he never acknowledged. Currently reconciled with Gonzalo Valenzuela, the father of her child. CAREER: Has participated in telenovelas like "Costumbres argentinas", "Los Roldan", "Cold Blood", "Double Life," "is said to love," "Por amor a vos", "Killer Women" and "bastard." In film: "Radio Heart," "The Widows of Thursday", "Maite's cinema," "The wrong country." THE LIST Gonzalo Heredia, Juana Viale, Carina Zampini, Selva German and Raul Taibo, who will accompanied by a cast of first line consists of: Patricia Viggiano, Fabiana Garcia Lago, Esteban Perez, Alexander Muller, Brenda Gandini, Gabriela Sari, Monica Villa, Monica Galan and Gaston Grande. I had the opportunity to see the first three chapters and I think that within the framework of contemporary classic soap opera has all the ingredients to become a phenomenon of hearings, not only in Argentina but in all consuming countries, telenovelas, including Colombia. Strategy would be a success or painted for the Canal to decide to purchase emission rights from this telenovela in Argentina, nor why.