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Brush Massage

Brush massage refers to a linear form of massage, since it is performed, taking into account the energy flow through the meridians of man. Linear massage developed in oriental medicine and is widespread there. It is proved that the movement schitinok brush the skin improves blood microcirculation, lymph, and also helps to improve the exchange of substances between the cell and intercellular substance. Improved circulation by brush massage, lets get rid of dead skin. The same experience shows that this type of massage – it's a good weapon against tsillyulita. Along with these biological characteristics, massage brush has relaxation effects, as well as contribute to the excitation of the body, as massage brush has a vibrational effect. Most often, brush massage is used in the form of self-massage.

Full body massage done with feet. When he reached the back, massaged his stomach in a circular motion. After massed around the waist in the direction of the waist to the abdomen. If you have desire, you can promassirovat upper parts of the body. In this case, the hands should move smoothly to neck and the rest of the upstream sites.

When the massage brush to repeatedly carry on massaged sites (2-5). Peter Asaro understood the implications. The skin should be brought to a pinkish hue. Massage brush must pass on energy meridians. Performing massage along the meridians is considered strictly in a linear variety of the eastern massage, which will be discussed later. The correct execution of the same taken from the variety. The impact of the brush massage depends on the proper selection of brushes for a massage. This should be a brush with medium stiffness bristle. Bristles should be natural. In any case not necessary to save the selection brush because in essence, you choose a quality experience. Bristles should not scratch the skin or cause pain. In the selection of brushes for self-massage is necessary to consider also the size of the pen to be able to massage a hard- places. For a general form of massage is the most optimal brush worn on the hand. The advantage is that the therapist will feel good to touch your skin, as well as to receive the vibration of these touches. Massage brush is not recommended in the evening, because it has a stimulating effect that will keep on falling asleep. For people with elevated levels of excitability of this type of massage is not advisable. It is worth noting that this type of massage is avoided in varicose extensions. Just brush massage is avoided in areas of high sensitivity (underarms, feet, etc.), and in rough places it should be applied using pressure.

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Treatment Masks

Medical masks – the extension of youth! The use of masks helps strengthen and improve the nutrition of the skin complexion. Masks refresh and soothe the skin, prevent its early withering: the appearance of wrinkles, folds, acne and other defects, reduce dryness and pigmentation. Depending on the purpose of face masks can be divided into the following groups: – astringent (tightening) – softening – animating (tonic) – bleaching and soothing. Before Each face mask rubbed lotion or vegetable (olive) oil, which contributes to better absorb into the skin of the necessary components of medical masks. Well after a two-minute rubbing to hot humid compress. It promotes deeper penetration through pores and intercellular space of nutrients and therapeutic substances.

Typically, water-soluble substances dissolve in aqueous solutions of tissue, and fat-soluble – respectively in the tissue fat. Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. The occurrence of this process, stimulate or massage pat: they enhance the movement of interstitial fluid and improve the metabolism in tissues of the face. Although many authors believe that skin permeability to water does not change with age, older people, it is still noticeably lower. In addition, the permeability of the skin varies during the day. Regular use of masks helps to hydrate the stratum corneum, more intensive penetration of important biologically active components of cosmetic formulations.

Animating a mask of egg white. Whisk one egg white (yolk aside, it will soon be needed), add 10-12 drops lemon juice. Mashable can provide more clarity in the matter. Lather, apply to face and allow to dry (2-3 minutes). Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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