What is a time server? A time server is a device that uses a single time source and distributes it between a network. This allows all machines in a LAN (WAN) are synchronized together. What is NTP? Network Time Protocol is a Protocol (a series of instructions) designed to distribute the time from an hour to a network server. Why do I need a time server? Is very possible that you do not. Many small networks survive and work perfectly without the need of a time server. However, if computers are obliged to perform sensitive transactions at the time or application then a time server is essential. Without proper synchronization all sorts of unforeseen problems may arise and many transactions online that we take for granted, such as reservation of seats, Internet shopping, bag of values, even sending emails depend on perfect synchronisation of time.

What is the best reference of time to use? A single global calendar based on the time shown by the clocks Atomic has been developed, this is called the UTC (Coordinated Universal time). UTC is used by networks around the world. By the same author: Dell. To use UTC you is indeed synchronizing your network with any other network in the world that uses UTC. Where can I get the UTC time? The most common and easiest to receive the UTC location is through the Internet, although the Internet time sources are notoriously inaccurate. They also provide little security. Apart from the fact that the time server is outside your firewall, NTP is unable to authenticate these signals. Authentication is a security measure used by NTP to prevent malicious attacks that disguise as a time server. More safe to receive the UTC methods are using either the network GPS (global positioning system), whose satellites transmit the synchronization information or, Alternatively, through the use of national specialists of time and frequency of wave long even though they are not available everywhere.