Already in 1975 Los Angeles had the first modern Piercing Shop. The movement of the “Modern Primitives”, the modern savages, began the spread of this kind of fashion in the 80s in California. One’s own body – should be changed by the deliberate assumption of customs “wild” peoples -. First, limited mainly to the punk scene, the piercing is stretched out still further and is now almost universally accepted as an ornament. Piercing – what is it? Especially in recent years have come piercings, especially in fashion. Every person emphasizes the personality like a consciously chosen by appearance.

This includes the jewelry is one’s own body, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. piercings are a modern form of body decoration, and there are a variety of ways: from the ear and facial piercing on body piercings to the so-called genital piercing – anything is possible ! Whether you like it or not is left to individual taste. Piercing head from English. to pierce pierce (, drill down). These rings or bars are in different parts of the human body attached by pin through the skin and underlying fat or cartilage tissue. The materials suitable for piercing jewelry including 750 gold, platinum, niobium, titanium or medical grade steel.

Because of the risk of allergic reactions should not be used in nickel. In contrast to other, more traditional jewelry creations, there is a difference: Piercings are an intrusion into the body and therefore involves risks. Therefore, one should consider the “purchase” of this body jewelry and accurately informed about possible side effects such as allergies, infections, etc.. What should you know? At the beginning, the question arises, what kind of body jewelry you would like to emphasize the personal type. The desire for change has been for a long time there, spontaneous actions are inappropriate for such important decisions! Is you are not sure whether the end result is really like, can be tried as an alternative to glue jewels and rhinestones, or plugging. In any case, you should find information on good piercing studios. Importance of cleanliness and of course, that disposable needles are used in sterile packaging. Possible dangers in all forms of body piercing may occur local swelling, which usually subside but again. Particularly sensitive is the piercing of the ear cartilage – here there is a risk of ignition. At the belly button piercing, which is very popular among women, the healing phase can take up to six months. Piercings in the mouth provide a high, long-term potential danger for the teeth and jaw dar. the piercing is not done properly, you may experience complications. In a good piercing studio will be both without being asked about the possible risks and consequences, as well as information about legal aspects. .