Continuation of the gaming extravaganza is shooting a sniper rifle at a distance of 900 meters (). When you look at the sight of sniper rifles M82 and caliber .50 hear a number of indications of Captain McMillan: "Remember what I taught you. Take into account variable humidity and wind speed along the trajectory of the bullet. At such a distance would also have to take into account the Coriolis force "- it seems that you no longer in the game. But this does not end there – you will find a sprint through the city with a wounded captain on his hands and much more interesting! Be sure that the three chapters of Modern Warfare will give you a lot of emotions and not just forced to admire working Americans! Screenwriters also have decided to play with the feelings of the players and show that it is not just another shooter, but a serious game. Tragedy filled with game scene after the explosion of the atomic bomb, when the expiring blood and affected by radiation Jackson looks at a dying sky Progress Call of Duty has always been nice to their technical performance.

High system requirements have always been required. The world is changing, and the series in this plan at all. Therefore, to have fun at the monitor needs a good dual-core processor, 1,5 gb ram and a weak graphics card with 512MB on board. Stern, but fair. Modern Warfare is not only moved into the modern world, but also looks like it should look like the shooter in 2007 Class aaa.