When a player starts to train for playing golf, first learn a complex movement, such as the swing of golf, requiring the player to focus on many aspects at the same time. It’s almost like learning to drive: our conscious mind is saturated because it has to attend to many details and is actually prepared only to meet between 5 and 8 units of information or care. Then comes the observable effect of this swing that is the place where goes the ball and must be started in a new learning to direct the ball where we want. This is really the crux of the golf: take the ball where we want. To acquire that precision that we are talking about, we have our senses, although some it seems that they are not well suited to achieve this accuracy.

The sense of sight seems very appropriate to choose where to direct the ball. Hearing, taste, smell and touch seem not so useful, therefore we are satisfied with using the view to play golf. We chose a place after assessing the terrain variables and the atmospheric, with the view and We hit the ball. As we continue practicing, trying to improve every day, is when without giving us account (without being aware of it), we started using other tools of our mind and our being: started using imagination to define the most suitable ball flight; to display the path of the ball once it reaches the floor, etc. All this extra information, use our part unconscious to achieve greater precision. Yes, now is our unconscious mind which performs the swings and thus frees our conscious much work mind.

Same thing happens when we conduct after many thousands of kilometres, our conscious mind is no longer driving and we can already chat with another person while driving our unconscious mind. All this explanation is used to understand how we can use our minds (formed by the conscious part and the unconscious) to improve our short game. On the green, each player tries to read it to find out where to send the ball. Has been that there are some better than others strategies for read it better. The first indication is the focus throughout the conscious attention to see what path would be suited. At the same time you are attentive to our interior if our unconscious part, which is also reading the green, sends us an indication of where you think it is better to send the ball. Thus we see emerge in our mental screen a line that goes from the ball to the hole and does not have to be straight, will depend on the fall of the hole in that place. How to achieve this will depend on two things:-it concentrates that we are in that operation. – And of how secure we are in that line will appear. We can help our unconscious enlarging the hole or imagining how shot the ball by different lines toward the hole. Try this information in the field of practice until you is easy to visualize the line of the ball. This information is part of the knowledge that belongs to the area number 4 or to the mental aspect of the game of golf.