The place where use can also influence the teams have a higher energy consumption when used in places with lots of "electrical noise" such as a mall or an office building which use many electrical appliances at time. Clean the battery contacts regularly: After months of use, it is common that the contacts between the battery and cell phone collect dust and dirt, to maximize energy transfer clean it with a cotton swab (swab) with a few drops alcohol, being careful to only slightly dampen the contacts to clean them to prevent getting moisture inside the computer. Avoid using unnecessary features: If you know you can not connect for a period long or you battery is low, avoiding the use of the camera (especially the flash), Internet connection, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Just use the functions you really need. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dell. A common example of this is referring to Bluetooth, many people bring it on all day without it. Use a wired handsfree device: Bluetooth devices put extra strain on the battery usage, if you use a wired headset, not only save load on your reservation but you will have a better sound, which I personally found all Bluetooth headsets I've tried, especially when they are left with half load, not have the same fidelity, maybe not so sophisticated you go, but you keep talking when others are looking for a phone. Manage length of calls: This may seem obvious, but how many times have we heard someone say "I have low battery, perhaps a call is terminated" and then continue talking for 20 minutes until the phone dies, ration the amount of minutes to speak, especially with low, you can reach the end of the day with a couple of sticks of booking. Talking instead of sending e-mails: If you have a phone capable of sending emails, if you have something quick to say, it is better to make a call and leave a message on voice mail, send a mail Data Connection spends 3-4 times more energy than a voice connection. In conclusion, there are many ways to save battery power and use it efficiently, the important thing is to know our true needs and characteristics of our team. I hope these tips are useful and to do them so you can stay connected with your friends instead of a wall connection.