Unique gaming technology now available for outdoor events suitable Troisdorf, 2 July 2013 – SwarmWorks is pleased to announce that the world’s unique SwarmGaming technology now can be used also at outdoor events and locations with plenty of natural light. The infrared light-based system revolutionizing the way group entertainment experience. Hundreds or thousands of people can together by means of optical signals, especially for large groups to control video games. The technology was developed so that gaming is possible now in stadiums, at festivals, in railway stations or airports. How does SwarmGaming work? Light sources send infrared, not visible light in the direction of the participants.

Everyone decides to help of his reflector (SwarmPad), whether it reflects light at this moment or not and thus an up-down or left-signal. The reflections are recorded by special cameras and combined in a swarm signal from a computer system. Large group enabling a sailing ship together Aircraft control or play with each other in two groups a kompetetives game such as football. “In recent years there were always requests for events that we could not support due to non abdunkelbaren rooms or outdoor venues. The evolution of SwarmGaming, we can now flexibly on all lighting conditions respond.”explains Klaus Pampuch, founder and Managing Director of SwarmWorks Ltd.

About SwarmWorks SwarmWorks, sees itself as a partner for innovative live communication and unleashes the potential that lies in the event participants and an occasion with a particularly innovative approach. Thus is created a whole new form of event. Here, the SwarmWorks methods rely on findings from Neuroscience and research to collective intelligence and swarm intelligence.