Let together try to go beyond the books and imagine what will not so as it was written a hundred years ago. We are a bit steeper! So, we go for a long journey on a personal ship of Captain Flint and the entire action the story takes place on the ship come alive with real characters in one evening! Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Let's go to a country where the most secret desires come true. This country, where at each step of waiting for you amazing surprises, original ways of solving complex puzzles and puzzling problems. Where the mirror reflects all of your actions and the mirror can not hide the thought. In fact, this country does not exist, and you did not meet her on any map. But if it does not – it does not mean that it can not invent and create! We will create not just a party – we will simulate a world that takes you and where you will play under other laws! You will play the role of the fairy-tale characters who have never in my life You do not have to play anymore, anywhere, ever! We'll let you immerse yourself in the unusual logic of this new life and get maximum pleasure from the freedom madness. This crazy Carnival Masquerade turns the world "upside down" This evening is allowed to do everything! Everything is allowed and the staff and top-management.

And here are erased borders and begin a complete freedom from conditionalities of the World! Since ancient times, ancient Greeks believed that when a person puts on a mask, the spirit of that creature in the mask he wears, passes the time in and grabs them. From this and are beginning masquerades, where everyone is free to select the image you want and where mystery and intrigue intertwine with each other, creating a feeling of not only celebration but also a certain mystical action which takes a sudden acquaintance and meetings. Masquerade – freedom of choice and creative self-determination. Masquerade – this kind of show where there are elements of ordinary embodied solutions and ideas. Masquerade – unlimited scope for the riot of fantasy, the ultimate goal of which is not simply "unmask", enter the image may be surprised and shocked colleagues, but psychologically it is important to make a masquerade in the role-playing game to change all the roles change at any time habitual prevailing stereotype idea of a colleague, boss, partner, client. And here it is very important approach to detail and elaborate on the idea of masquerade. It is important and psychology and the impact on emotions, and a selection of images, and a host of things, without which does not work or will not, as hoped, so you always have access to those people who are professionally and efficiently working to create such events. They do not just bring a cheerful mood, but also change the attitude, change thinking, do people creatively flexible and active, and hence help companies in general, move forward, develop and achieve their goals.