Computer News computer game: Id software and Raven present us the next installment of Wolfenstein. Do you think Id gives us this game before being acquired by Activision, Rage will have to wait until some point in 2010?. John Carmak and his people opt once more by dispensing with the direct x from microsoft and the Ageia physx technology as was presumably in favor of open GL. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. Wolfenstein is a spectacular combination of intense action with incredible graphics. Although a bit contradictory in the title, this delivery occurs just after return to Castle Wolfenstein in this new chapter of the mata-nazis franchise, they have returned to the old tricks with his experiments rare trying to acquire powers from other dimensions. As always, and forming part of the resistance can annihilate these nazis and their new bugs with the help of numerous weapons. We will come back to get into the skin of the super agent BJ BLAZKOWICZ to frustrate the aspirations of the nazis once more. With improved on its predecessor wolfenstein gameplay it will make you experience a bloody experience in front of the computer, these games is always recommended to play in the dark and with sound to stop.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the third reich get traditional weapons and new outputs only in science fiction novels, and download your cartridges and adrenaline with the assault troops, the super soldiers, paranormal forces and experimental creatures. If what you like is the wolfenstein multiplayer experience so brilliant pass in any of their multiple versions of game multi player, deatmatch by computers, by objectives, observant… Destroy your friends into fighting melee.

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