That hearing I attended with several friendly and friendly that sang very well and to all happened the same to us. More ahead we found out that by error of organization in hours in the morning without realizing or they had selected all the quotas available of participants, reason why who we sang in afternoon or we were eliminated before participating Feeling again: frustration. In spite of this, the following year the second edition of the program is realised and by assumption, I returned to asisitir. That year I managed to pass first hearing (the organization was far better for that edition). Soon I happened also second and third it would be in front of the television jury (Dried John, Mim Hernandez, Gustavo Sanchez and like special guest, nothing else and nothing less than Ricardo Montaner).

Again, nerves, hunger, chills, etc. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. Already for that hearing we were the 50 only best ones. In the group of people who we were there I see which studied in my school, several years greater than I, and that in addition I knew that then he was singing of the best group of my country concerning social events (weddings, 15 years, corporative events, etc.).Meaning something strange in me (since I am not very extroverted) me I approach to him and I say to him hello, that you do not know who I am but, I I know you and that we studied in the same school, he really was moved to find in that A stage which somehow it had something common with him. We were talking and he says to me if you do not pass this hearing, I notify to you that they are looking for integral in the group where I sing, in case he is of your interest. That day, when audicionar against the jury, Ricardo Montaner said to me, on the matter of my interpretation of a ballad: I am going to say something to you that said to me when it began to sing ballads: the tear needed.