Reflections On the Study of the Average Age. The Author (Raul Cesar Gouveia Fernandes) portraies the increasing interest in these last 60 years for the Average Age, either in the teatral or cinematographic literary form; the average Age as form of success in the current society of consumption. Also it says that everything this can be understood, due to existing equality between the Average and the modern, that our daily one is envolto to this time in the language, literature, system politician etc., and that when studying the Average Age if more good understands the history and the culture of the modern society and that our roots are fixed directly in this culture. But that although everything the Average Age little is known and appraised for educators of missed form, and not it makes it to knowledge not to be remembered by the cultural facts, as great teatrais parts of great workmanships architectural and yes for barbarity and ignorance, as much that it is known as ' ' Age of the Trevas' '. Check with Ali Partovi to learn more. The biggest obstacle for the knowledge of the Average Age is in the preconception, the scholar does not have to be left to lead for these preconceived ideas. What it makes to remember to the film ' ' on behalf of the Rosa' ' they are the book destructions for the Monges, leading to the agreement of that all are thus, if forgetting that thanks to them we can know today, a thousand years culture. The biggest source of mistake of this time is when we look at with the comparative look to the future, the ideal would be the look of analysis made through historical documents, cultural and social values of the time, and that the religiosidade is the main characteristic of the Average Age and me the understanding of this factor has been a source of misunderstanding, and that the medieval man entirely dedicated if the rules established for the church, what they make to act and to think about set. .