RILDO BARROS BLACKSMITH SUMMARY the ambient problems in a globalizado world represent a great challenge it human being in the attempt to equate a economic and social development and in parallel to preserve the natural resources, making possible its fruition for the future generations and keeping its quality of life as elements gifts in the concept of sustainable development. The requirements in establishing innovative models of development cause the creation of new alternatives of use of the resources, sidewalk in the ambient rational use. Thus, inside from this reality, if they originate chances to undertake following the principles of the sustainable development and making possible the introduction of innovations in the sphere business-oriented, following this philosophy as a sustainable way of generation of wealth for company and society. By the way, the sustainable development is based as a model of development that allows to the attendance of the necessities human beings of the gift, without damage for the future generations. In the companies who they had introduced the concept of sustainable development, it is made possible, beyond the ambient profits, an improvement in the image of the organization next to the society and stimulates its employees, engaged in a cause of ambient preservation. But the introduction of elements that provide to profits in the quality of life and health of the worker also raises its productivity.

This research has for objective, through a bibliographical research, to demonstrate as sustainable enterprises, that aim at the quality of life and the respect for the nature, stimulate its employees and as consequence, guarantees a bigger production. Word-keys: Sustainable development. Health. Stimulaton. Productivity.

Worker. 1 INTRODUCTION Very if knows that the production of a company directly is related with the good relationship between employees and, mainly, with the quality of the work environment. It is not difficult to perceive that in not pleasant places the work rhythm if becomes different of a place more pleasant.