New website provides more security for parents Krefeld/World Wide Web gifts for birthdays, christenings, Christmas – in the toy store, who faces crowded shelves, the choice isn’t easy for the. Also, headlines about harmful substances in toys from Asia pile up. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Now parents must no longer to seek safe and educational valuable toys. On the new website d not only convenient order toys from home, you can feel especially well advised. Because the young D-toy company offers only toys, which are manufactured in Germany and are guaranteed to be free of pollutants. Clearly and beautifully designed website, the user finds a colourful selection of toys, from building blocks and jigsaw puzzles up to scooters or “new friends to the pulling and pushing”. With classics such as the shop or a tool box, children playfully develop their learning abilities, skill and dexterity. In an own Info Center on the D Toy website customers interested in information about harmful substances in toys and provide an overview of currently used seal of approval and their significance.

In recent years, there were numerous recalls of children’s toys by consumer protection authorities. Again and again, organizations find as Stiftung Warentest oko Test exhibit and toys containing hazardous substances or technical defects. Because despite special requirements such as the European toy directive, EN 71, repeatedly deleterious toys on the shelves get through lack of controls. D toy offers the best alternative made in Germany to many foreign toys. In addition to security, the products offer a better quality and a longer shelf life. And the customer is not the only one, by D-toy’s corporate philosophy benefits: polluting, long transport distances are avoided and company supports. We want to give our buyers the safety, high-quality toys to order, containing no lead paint or toxic plasticizers “, as David Pennartz, founder of D-toy.”So we make sure that not only the children’s eyes light up when ordering and unpacking the delivery, and nothing in the way is hours of gameplay.”

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