The complete performance spectrum of the training provider is clearly presented in a catalog. Stuttgart, the Qualifizierungsdienstleister Integrata AG 27.11.2012 – in the coming week published its catalog portfolio 2013/2014. Open and in-house seminar offering as well as the certifications and special topics to get an overview of the variety of subjects and at the same time a representation, was United in the portfolio in a copy. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. The timeliness of the catalog ensures focus on the Integrata platform, under which interested parties can retrieve at any time the detailed and updated description of the seminar. The portfolio of services in 2013/2014 was again expanded new continuing education topics and seminars.

A selection of more than 1,300 topics from the open and in-house seminar offer is available and thus ensures a wide range on short – and long-term warranty dates on the nationwide Integrata locations. With topics from information technology, human resources and organization development and the new media field is the catalog for the first time in three main areas. In new media”, represented the topics of social media and E-learning in detail and expanded gradually over the coming months. Integrata AG the Integrata AG is the leading manufacturer-independent full service provider of training services in Germany. The approach of Integrata training is geared to the value chain and extends to ensuring the sustainability of strategy, analysis and development, organization and implementation.

It includes various forms of learning such as seminars, workshops, E-learning, simulations, training on the job, coaching, and mentoring. The offer includes both open and in-house seminars to more than 1,300 topics of information technology as well as human resources and organization development and on the other hand qualification projects and managed training services. Topics like certification in project management, train the trainer training, system and software development and leadership training give an insight into the diversity of possibilities. With the company provides these services integrated solutions, depending on demand standardized or individualized, project-oriented or service-oriented. Detailed industry knowledge, international training projects, the network of local and international speakers, as well as certification in accordance with recognized national and international standards document the performance of the Integrata AG. Numerous customer projects demonstrate the successful implementation of the challenges.

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