Niedernberg data management specialist to the exclusive partner in Germany drawn NIEDERNBERG October 16, 2009. Now the Cristie data products GmbH in the German-speaking exclusively sells the HyperIP software solutions by NetEx, its using optimizes the delivery of mission-critical data via IP-based wide area networks (WANs). With the now closed sales partnership the 40 years companies successfully in the storage environment again on working with a market leader, whose innovative Produkte are among the best in their class. HyperIP is based on developed by NetEx 25 years ago and still on the market as the fastest existing IP data transmission technology. The installation of software, which can be operated as a virtual appliance in VMware ESX/vSphere environments, picks up with the TCP/IP protocol in connection related performance limitations, latency, and packet loss and accelerates the large block or file-based data transfers over any arbitrary distance across. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Before sending over the WAN, the data using sophisticated algorithms to large blocks are combined and compressed, depending on the customer’s situation, a ratio of 2:1 up to 15:1 is achievable. Thus, improved the use of the performance of replication applications, or vMotion HyperIP and increases the capacity to three to ten times value. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. Equally bandwidth required for transporting can be 60-90 percent decrease and make better use of existing lines. The reverse means that company more their existing WAN link can transmit data over. Even with a growing volume of data they do not expand their bandwidth capacity or invest in additional WAN optimization systems. This is especially for businesses advantage that are represented in multiple locations and move a high volume of data over your WAN links, inter alia to backup, recovery, or replication purposes. These are on business – continuity and Can be instructed disaster-recovery solutions, which comprehensively protect their business-critical information and ensure uninterrupted availability.

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