An important feature of wood windows is their compatibility with furniture, doors and parquet flooring, besides the basic functions of protecting the premises from outside influences, wooden windows along with furniture, are cozy, and make complete interior of the apartment, which is only possible with traditional, proven by centuries of natural building materials. Wooden windows – this is what we are accustomed to, it's those windows, the beauty and variety of forms which we admire in old postroykah.S application of new technologies for the production of wooden windows, we got a brand new window. New wooden box kept alive the beauty, comfort and warmth of wood and at the same time improve its characteristics of thermal and sound insulation, have a comfortable, modern accessories that can open doors in any direction. Modern, environmentally friendly methods of wood processing extended the life of window units and simplified care. As glazing can now use windows that significantly improve the technical characteristics of the window. Technology itself has changed manufacture of windows, modern automated manufacturing can not only increase productivity but also ensures consistently high quality. All stages of production, ranging from lumber drying and finishing painting the finished product, are under strict control. Modern wood windows – is first and foremost, the new technology. But it should be noted that the above does not apply to those produced in Russia, where is still continuing production of outdated window units that do not meet current regulations. Before the timber will become a window, they go through a long process of pre-treatment.

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