BSC can a strategic diagram be understood as accounts is a strategy for any kind of commercial importance. It can be seen as a driving force that brings all business operations up and running. Intend to take into account the developments in the economy in your company, you won’t be surprised about, that a strategy alone can not run to the optimal success – an implementation of the balanced scorecard can help. The reason that the strategy alone is no longer enough, lies in the decrease of material assets in companies. They have other than existed in the past, as most industries only from land and equipment, trademarks, intellectual property and swarms employees today.

It is not necessary to mention, that while huge changes of the economic scene many management systems not could prove. Other leaders such as offer similar insights. Most of these systems were designed to meet needs of stable, but not, to meet the daily dynamics in the economy. A perfect example: visiting an organization that today the employees with security will be ready to present their balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, without even knowing it, that these instruments can no longer reflect the intangible assets of a company. The balanced scorecard is the solution for this problem. She can as a ‘ strategic chart of accounts ‘ be understood where it lists financial as well as non-material elements of a corporate strategy. If you have noticed, this instrument with strategies, which makes it all the more effective works. In addition working here with cause effect correlations which business results can be accompanied.

And the most important feature will exert looked ahead and adjusted, unlike this outdated it strategies, which look back, to learn from past successes and failures. What is the core concept now? Motivate measurements. It does not further incentives. In most cases, a job well done is satisfactory enough to stay motivated. The presence of a balanced scorecard offers however no guarantee for success. Because it works with the strategy together. Here a perfect example: when the balanced scorecard in a company was introduced, the management could determine that the customer service is the main part of a customer-oriented strategy. It was made a big big deal about and campaigns were launched. Suddenly hung large posters with slogans of ‘Customer first’ and ‘Service’s ‘. But after all this vortex, the quality of customer service at the same formidable level remained. Why did this happen? It measured the productivity of call center employees, hourly wieiele calls they have adopted. This measurement method employees forced to neglect the quality of customer care to get the required number of edited calls afterwards. As a result, this resulted in a much schadigenderen situation- the higher probability of losing the business. After the balanced scorecard is effectively implemented, the measures could be – adapted to really important results percentage of solved problems in individual calls. This gave a positive change in the call centers. Staff morale, customer satisfaction focused mainly on solutions to problems and possibly even the sales could be increased. And we understand that under ‘reasonable and based on studies solution’. Nothing can go really wrong with a good strategy and a decent system of measurement. Sam Miller have you interest on the balanced scorecard implementation, then visit this Web page to learn more about the implementation of ROI.