The company R / Greenberg Associates created the visual effects of the film, including the invisibility of the creature, thermographic vision, blood fluorescent and electrical shock. The invisibility effect was achieved by having a person of the size of the creature wore a bright red (this color was chosen to be the most different from the green of the jungle and blue skies.) The red was subsequently removed using techniques chroma leaving an empty space.Then he repeated the shot without the actors using a lens wider than 30 after combining the two shots, as the second shot was filmed with a different lens, one could perceive a vague outline of the creature. For thermography, could not use tape because it did not record the infrared wavelength of body temperature used a thermal scanner video got good images. Blood was obtained from fluorescent bar light as those used by campers mixed with intimate lubricant to provide consistency. The shock was performed with rotoscoping animation. The design of the creature for the special effects designer Stan Winston. On a flight from Japan with director James Cameron, Winston, who had been hired to design a Predator, was doing sketches and Cameron to see what was drawing said “I always wanted to see one with jaws.”On hearing Winston decided to include in their designs. The study of Stan Winston created all visual effects for film and its sequel, the suit by Kevin Peter Hall and facial effects. The creature was designed initially a long neck, head and one eye dog. This design was discarded to ensure that filming in a jungle environment would be too complicated. Before hiring Stan, the studio hired Richard Edlund, but there were problems on the set due to leg length and design Richard Edlund were dismissed. After six weeks of filming the production had to stop so that Winston could redesign the child, this period lasted eight months, then continued filming for five weeks ending in February 1987.