– personal website programmer Eugene Teterina aka GrayCat. Here you can download a program such as 'Talking watch', 'notebook', 'Base Film', 'Timer', 'Klikulyator', 'Avtoping', 'Costing upload' and it is possible that already There are new! Talking clock – clock that will 'sit' in the bar and watch with a beautiful character in Russian to tell you the current time. Others including Kam VedBrat, offer their opinions as well. In addition, the program has mikrochasy left on the screen after folding alarm clock, timer, calendar, calculator, minipleyer is the possibility to leave a note. You can add own sounds an alarm in the WAV format and characters in the format JPG. The program 'notebook' – Convenient and beautiful notebook for recording past events to the calendar and skins. Program "Movie Database" – A simple but comfortable base for storage of movies recorded on your CD and DVD discs. The program 'timer' – This program is designed to countdown to remind you of the appropriate event within a maximum of 24 hours.

The program 'Klikulyator' – This program can calculate how many clicks you are able to do for the moment:) There is an empty table of records. The program 'Avtoping' – This program automatically pings a server on the Internet in order to prevent disconnection from the Internet, but also often helps to restore the 'hovering' the Internet. For example rather often continue hovering download Internet Explorer. The program 'Costing upload' – A program to calculate the cost of internet download fayov on time or traffic or all together. Welcome to