One of the main victims of the operation was the case of an Albanian spy who worked for Germany called Elyesa Bazna aka Cicero was foreman of the English ambassador in Angora (Ankara, Turkey). Cicero stealing state secrets from the vaults of the ambassador and the German Secret Service was generously rewarded with a 300,000 pounds sterling becoming the highest paid by the collaborationist Nazi Germany.
Turkish bank payment to a merchant about 60,000 pounds sterling that it unknowingly introduced through a Swiss bank until the bank of England where the forgery was discovered by chance.
Himmler urged Kra ger to complete the quota, but owing to lack of knowing the materials slowed production, surpluses that were not released were carefully packed in wooden boxes in a mountain range.
By March 1945, in Berlin the situation was serious and Himmler wanted to cancel the operation, but Kra ger convinced him to move to the Austrian Alps in the lake Redl Zipf Toplitz.

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