English Version This season, designers presents collections based on old patterns, but not Any Old pattern, europe old ones. Folkloric patterns, Gyspy style, decorative style of Estern Europe and prints evoking tribes Uzbez costume of Russians and desings Aristocrats are the top this season. Ralph Lauren, Graham & Green and Few & Far historical collection has inspired in reoves gypsy tribes. Gucci, Madeline Weinrib, Littala Both Le and Evoked Uzbez Cuon aristocrat costumes and Russians in Their desings. Fashion, trends and Means desing return in one way, this season is a clear example of That idea. Enjoy it! Spanish version. This season, the most prestigious designers, presented coleeciones with strong bases in the stately style of the Middle Ages, but not any kind of style but style of Eastern Europe. Folk designs, or decorative style gypsy tribes and Eastern European aristocracies evoking the stately constumbres Uzbek and Russian courts are elected styles this season.

Ralph Lauren, Graham & Green and Few & Far, have inspired their collections the style of gypsy nomadic tribes. Gucci, Madeline Weinrib, and Le Littala Both coun inspired designs in the Uzbek and Russian aristocratic habits. Fashion, trend and design, mean, in a sense, return. This season is a clear example of this idea.