The representative Alexander Milk passed the afternoon of this last sunday (3) in company of the community of the Jangadeiro Garden, in the periphery of the South Zone of So Paulo. The member of the house of representatives attended the ceremony of diplomao of the pupils who had concluded the course of Hip-hop of the ONG Janga More Action and was one of homaged of the party, receiving a certificate from recognition for the commitment given to the institution and the community. The Jangadeiro Garden, during the years of 1996 and 1998, was considered by the ONU (Organization of United Nations), the region with bigger number of homicides of the world, surpassing countries in war as Iraq and Afeganisto. With initiatives as of the ONG Janga the More Action, that has a work focado in the education and in the rescue of auto-they esteem of the young of the periphery, the community is moving of reality and diminishing the crime level. In the next days, the Jangadeiro Garden goes to gain plus an ally the community. A Tele center with 20 computers will be inaugurated to give access to population, the gratuitous courses of computer science. The ONG Janga More Action is located in the Street Joo Rodrigues Jnior, 25, Jangadeiro Garden. For information of the courses given for the institution, it enters in the site:. In case that it wants to see the photos of the event, it has access: @N03/sets/72157627000830635/to attend the video of the event, has access: