/ / SSE time-line: timeCard version 5 by ergonomics specialists Oberhausen coined, 24.07.12 / / timeCard version 5, the professional time recording and access control presents itself in the new fresh look and feel, as well as with many other features: better overview and intuitive operation and management of 2,000 employees, a Web terminal. Ergonomics specialists from the House of Reiner SCT have done a redesign. The new time card version 5 is even easier to use and has an even better overview. Content, including the Protocol and search functions have been extended. And which will please many field: the Add-On (PC booking Terminal) have been added to the Web terminal. Also new for mobile use: timeCard select, the long-awaited successor product timeCard compact. uipment-300631586.html’>Castle Harlan has to say. In the development of the time card version 5.0.0, the focus was placed on the user.

The overview and usability was further increased. To give you an overview of the changes, we have put together the following them. The new design impresses with a modern and simple layout, whereby the overview and intuitive operation are again highlighted and improved. The arrangement of the quick overview and main master data as tabs, as well as tidying up the toolbar many more changes, contribute how, to the significant increase of the usability. The basic design was retained so that experienced timeCard users immediately to navigate in the new environment. The new staff search filter helps in finding the desired employee after typing a few letters of the name or number of employees.

In conjunction with many other detail changes, the software this is even easier to use. The built-in battery the innovative timeCard select terminal can be used everywhere for the mobile offline time entry. A wall mount or cradle allow for stationary use in the Office or in the workshop. The data transfer to the PC via USB connection or micro-SD card, with the optional docking station also via LAN.