It is wonderful to start the day with Larrea. At 9 o’clock radio is tuned to 12 national and one can hear a radio broadcast with announcer speaking as announcer, politely columnists who read your column and a driver to drive. Of course, the musical themes are whole and complete when it is said year, he and the orchestra. Hector Larrea not sell anything, is, is a man who makes a program and likes to do, is the music that you like, makes jokes that make you laugh and who wants to interview to interview. Riddle Orchestra in 1962, two albums for Ella Fitzgerald, Ella Swings Brightly with Nelson and Ella Swings Gently with Nelson, his first work together since the album Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook 1959. In the mid-sixties returned to work in the last of the ‘Songbooks’ Ella, devoted to the songs of Jerome Kern (Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Jerome Kern Songbook) and Johnny Mercer (Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Johnny Mercer Songbook).
In 1963, Riddle joined Sinatra’s new album, Reprise Records. Most of his work in the sixties and seventies was for film and television, including his successful theme for Route 66, arrangements for the soundtrack of some episodes of Batman and other television series and movies such as Robin’s Rat Pack and the Seven Hoods and the original Ocean’s Eleven.
In the late sixties, his relationship with Sinatra was deteriorating and the singer began to opt for Don Costa, Billy May and other arrangements for their musical projects. Although Riddle would write various arrangements for Sinatra, even until the late seventies, Strangers In The Night, 1966, was the last disc that completed the two together. The group of items arranged by Riddle was intended to be an expansion of the main success of the song, which was a number one arranged by Ernie Freeman.
During the seventies, most of his work was for film and television, including music for the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, who gave Riddle his first Oscar after being nominated five times previously. In 1973, working as musical director for the winner of an Emmy The Julie Andrews Hour. Nelson Riddle is also active in numerous concerts throughout the seventies, some of which was directed by his good friend Tommy Shepard.
In 1982, Riddle was hired by Linda Ronstadt and producer Peter Asher to write arrangements for an album of pop Ronstadtto who had been preparing for a time. The end result was a contract for three albums that would be the last job of his career arreglistico Riddle.
1982 means the last working with Riddle Ella Fitzgerald, in his latest album for Paul oquestal, The Best Is Yet to Come.
Arrangements for the issues of Ronstdat “What’s New” (1983) and “Lush Life” (1984) earned him his second Oscar and third (the last posthumously in 1986).
In 1985, Riddle died at age 64 because of problems in the liver. This buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
After his death, his last three arrangements for the disc Ronstadt For Sentimental Reasons (1986) were conducted by Terry Woodson.
In February 1986, the young son of Christopher Riddle, a noted trombonist, took over the orchestra of his father. The Nelson Riddle Orchestra continues touring at present, paying tribute to Riddle interpreting arrangements had done for Frank Sinatra and others.
In 1998, his second wife Naomi Riddle sold the house in Bel Air, to be used to establish the Nelson Riddle Archives, University of Arizona, who officially opened its doors in 2001. The inauguration was done with a concert of works by Riddle, with Linda Ronstadt as a guest artist.
In 2000, Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops made a tribute album with Nelson Riddle, entitled “Route 66: That Nelson Riddle Sound” for TelarcRecords. The album presents extended orchestral adaptations of the original arrangements by Nelson Riddle Riddle provided Archives, and is presented in a digital format that was among the first to be performed in multi-channel SACD.
Riddle was married for the first time during their stay in the Army in 1945 with Doreen Moran. The couple had six children separaraon in 1968 and their divorce became official in 1970. Months later, he married Naomi Tenenholtz, then his secretary, with whom he remained until the end of his days.

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