RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION called to the unwanted presence of radioactive substances into the environment. This contamination can come from natural or artificial radioisotopes.
The first one is when it comes to those radioactive isotopes that exist in the crust since the earth was formed or who are continuously generated in the atmosphere by the action of cosmic rays. Where the action of man, these are natural radioisotopes in concentrations higher than those found in nature (within the variability), one can speak of radioactive contamination. Examples of these radioisotopes may be the 235U, the 210Po, radon, the 40K and 7Be.
In the second case, that of artificial radioisotopes, radioisotopes do not occur naturally in the earth’s crust, but have generated some activity of man. In this case the definition of pollution is less widespread than in the case of natural radioisotopes, because their variability is zero, and any number could be considered pollution. Thus using definitions based on the technical capabilities of these radioisotopes extent of potential cleanup actions or danger (to humans or biota). Examples of these may be the artificial radioisotopes 239Pu, 244Cm on the 60Co or 241Am.
It is common to confuse the external exposure to ionizing radiation (eg in a radiological exam), with radioactive contamination. It is useful to think in the latter case in terms of dirt when we talk about pollution. As dirt, this contamination can be eliminated or reduced by cleaning or decontamination techniques, while the external exposure once received can not be reduced.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority on Thursday decided to build a 820 million natural gas nuclear power plant in northeast Tennessee to meet a North Carolina lawsuit about air quality.
June 11 (Bloomberg) – Australian companies have done little to preempt any negative impact emissions trading could have on future income, risk Downgrades by rating agencies, according Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.
WASHINGTON, May 21 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s fight against global warming has a huge boost on Thursday when a key Congressional panel embraced his plan to a new, market-driven system for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. New York households are paying less for energy because they are turning to helping homes and businesses to utility bills.
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The clean technology sector of green jobs are found is very much in its infancy, but to a strong start according to a first-of-its-kind report released Wednesday.
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