LETRAS DEL MAR FOUNDATION A sea I go, my deeds say who I am. SEAMEN Refran cast off ARMADA: OFFICER AND ENGINEER By Manuel Maestro Director Al binomial “official and gentleman ‘, popularized by the movie of the same title by a young Richard Gere living the vicissitudes of American youth at a naval academy, now joins the new ‘official and engineer’, which for many seems to us the claim of another film, directed by the Minister Carmen Chacon, with a dash recently ended its partnership agreement to subscribe Within the Port of Ingeniero White, we can distinguish two distinctly different areas depending on the type of merchandise with which they operate.
First the area to load and cereal products, consisting of specialized terminals operating in August 2006 signatures Platestiba SAC, Terminal Bahia Blanca SA SAIC and Cargill, and westward to the area known as general merchandise, with ample storage facilities and warehouses.
The general merchandise area for development is originally from the flow of cooled and frozen cargo, especially fruits and fish, which is why it is equipped with a large capacity refrigerator with 82,000 mA available, reaching temperatures of -30 C. – These facilities are located on the front of the docking sites 17/20, which allows an efficient cargo handling and insurance.
This sector, in addition to providing access for trucks to the foot of the vessel, has rail service on the pier itself, which allows the movement of goods directly from both means of transport. To complement this effort, has paved a great beach for the storage of merchandise or parking trucks, located in the adjacent area of docks, also have four electric gantry cranes and mobile cranes on three tires to the handling of merchandise.
All springs, both in the grain sector as general cargo, have water service to vessels and fire water, connected to pressurization system for pumping and storage tanks.
In addition to the docks for commercial operation, we have mentioned, the port has sites 1, 2, 3, 4, 21 and darsena coastal fishing boats, assigned to the port service vessels: coast guard, tied, pilots, tugs and dredging.

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Fishing and Travel in Spain by Walter Matthew Gallichan (Paperback – Aug 21, 2008)