The Group is active mainly in the production and marketing in the range of average prices by medium / high, shoes (94 of net sales for 2006) and clothing (6 of net sales). In 2006, the Geox Group sold approximately 16 million pairs of shoes. The Geox Group’s innovative idea is to pierce the soles of the shoes that allow feet to breathe. The Group’s profit is derived from the patents both domestically and internationally. Research in the field of technological innovation has a central role in the development of products and Geox is the full unification of comfort and style in line with the latest trends. Positioning ‘across-market’ of products (through the market) in terms of age and gender of clients, Geox makes a familiar brand which is quite peculiar in the Italian market. In fact, the Geox Group creates three different types of products identified according to the final consumer products for children, for men and women. The three types of products are divided into three areas:
Based on the success of the Group’s footwear products, the company has begun to implement its technology solution for the development of clothing that breathes.