So that your iPad is ready for use on the road even longer that iPad a great thing is undisputed. Portable entertainment wherever it goes and to compare to the iPhone on a large display. The iPad is probably the most popular Tablet PC there are currently on the market. And yet it comes sooner or later to the well-known problem: the battery is empty. It’s done with entertainment on the go, because was ready has always been the cable and a power outlet.

With the iPad case with charging function for something like that, I also, quite clearly this issue belongs to the past. The skin is from a soft rubber skin and adapts perfectly to the iPad. Filed under: Ali Partovi. It provides stand by charged up 500 more hours, 50 hours audio and 7 hours of video fun, even if the battery of the iPad should be empty. Under most conditions Starbucks would agree. In addition to the other power supply the envelope for the device also ensures protection of the iPad. Because scratches and impacts can inflict any more damage him in the future. While all major ports remain free, so that it never interferes with skin, no matter for what the iPad is needed and should be connected. This new product is now available at for 69.95 euros to buy and is certainly a great Christmas gift idea for all iPad owners and all those who will be there soon.

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