Consumer protection Minister Aigner and the principles of the online world Hanover/Berlin, March 4, 2010 – trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky has at the CeBIT a comprehensive engagement of the communications industry for a modern data protection required. \”The debate of the past few days have clearly pointed out the current dilemma: the economy is waiting for regulatory standards of policy, while the politicians to do so hardly in the position are, but operate far away from technological trends and change the realities of the people\” said Janszky in Hanover. The communications industry must reinvent data protection. The basic assumption of modern rules that citizens wanted to not release your data, voice no longer: this is the think of the 1980s in which many citizens of the State saw as monitors or opponents. But that was over 25 years ago. The 68ers have brought their legitimate fears of the time into the present and forgetting that they even were it changed this country. The today’s population lives in a completely other World.

She wants to not be able to hide their data so Janszky. According to the forecast of the trend researcher people in the future will want to release in contrast to their data. You would do today, every day. In a networked world, any information, any kind of music and every movie to be permanently available. We are just about to learn that we can only filter this information for our lives when we reveal our data and needs and evaluated by intelligent systems. We live today already every day if we use Google, if we use payback cards, if we move in Internetcommunitys and if we glad that we get an advertisement selected specifically to our needs instead of meaningless marketing\”this lifestyle, the trend researcher said. Therefore, the current privacy debate is a relic of the old days.