Powder coating – a new kind of painting the metal parts. Performed using modernized equipment, under high temperature. Powder coating, in contrast to traditional staining methods is highly resistant to the possibility of ignition. Powder coating does not crack under the influence of external factors: the pressure drops, high and low temperatures. Thanks to modern technologies can achieve the relief pattern.

The result is a perfectly smooth surface with no streaks and not those painted edges. Powder coating falls evenly over the surface. Powder coating carried out under high temperatures, and therefore did not apply for all surfaces. Often used for coloring glass and metal. Thanks to technology, anti-corrosion treatment is achieved, which is extremely convenient for painting the metal parts. Powder coating – waste-free production, the remnants of the material can be reused.

Powder coating is quite economical, unlike the traditional method. Powder coating is widespread in our country the last decade, although it was invented in the 50-ies. Over a long period of existence, it has been continuously improved and today reached the ideal results. However, the powder coating has several disadvantages: 1 – It can not be used for any surface. Applies only to materials resistant to high temperatures. 2 – expensive technology. Equipment for this type of paint must be purchased. 3 – qualified service personnel. Staining technology requires specialized knowledge, in contrast to the traditional method of applying the paint to surface. 4 – There is a possibility of fire as a result of color. Therefore require careful monitoring of the process. Thus, powder coating – is a modern waste-free method of staining. It allows you to reach perfectly smooth surface around the perimeter of the material. Also, powder coating provides corrosion treatment of metal and has a high degree of resistance to fire.