On the market today there is a wide selection of portable compressors of any size and capacity. Despite this diversity, the basis of all these mechanisms is perhaps that a couple of distinct technologies. Most air compressors operate on the principle of bulk-type supercharger, which basically does not look like the second option – air compressors, equipped with rotating impellers, pressurized air. Bulk-type supercharger increases the blood pressure, reducing the space occupied by air. Typically, this is achieved using a piston with vozratno-translational motion. Just like the little engine, internal combustion piston equipped with a crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons, cylinder head and valve. Crankshaft moves by either electric or diesel locomotive. There are, of course, small compact models, which consist of only one engine and pump, but still the majority of portable compressors is present as an air tank in which a certain amount of air is constantly maintained at the desired pressure. The air sets in motion air tools, and the engine switched on and off with the intervals that are necessary for the continued maintenance of the same air pressure.

Top of the cylinder is head of valve constraining two valves – and mock graduation. Both of these valves represent a nothing more than a thin metal gates, one of which is located below, and another – at the top of the valve board. By As we move pistons down on him a vacuum, allowing air from the outside to make mock valve to open and fill the vacated area of the pistons. When the piston moves upward, the air is compressed, holds mock valve in the closed position and vent the meantime – is opened. Air moves from the discharge canal into the reservoir. With every movement of the reservoir is replenished, and the pressure in turn – increases. When the pressure in the tank reaches a certain limit (for most models is about 8.8 kilograms per square centimeter, however, most of the time in such high pressure does not need arises) for stop the engine compressors used in portable pressure transducer. This detail is provided with a controller that allows to choose the necessary requirements. The indicator shows the level of upstream pressure in the tank, and following the regulator – in the air ducts. In addition, the tank is equipped with a pressure relief valve, which opens in case of any deviation in the compressor. Also, the system can enter and discharge valve, reducing pressure in the tank when the compressor is turned off.