The Spanish Antonio Del Real is in Los Angeles (California) putting the finishing touches to his film “The plot of The Escorial, “a project that has been devoted entirely during the past four years and which has mortgaged, he said, until her marriage.
“I’ve invested here all my heritage, including my daughters, and clear proof of this is that I have mortgaged my two and even my marriage,” explained filmmaker jiennense, in front of a tape with a budget of 15 million euro. “I’ve done crazy but I am realistic and I think the film deserves it because it’s something new, so I say those who have seen, and like very much excited,” said the director, author of tapes as “The river that leads us “(1989) or” cha-cha-cha “(1998). “The plot of El Escorial” is a “political-historical thriller” based on true facts concerning the investigation in the sixteenth century the death of Juan de Escobedo in the court of Spanish King Philip II, in a power struggle between the Casa de Alba and the House of Mendoza..