Novel sealing complex for jewelry Eichstatt/Bavaria: millions of people with Nickel allergies had to consistently avoid so far inevitably nickel-containing objects or cover with plaster and nail polish, to prevent skin contact. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. That deadline is now final. A novel complex of sealing protects the allergy from contact with nickel. The nickel allergy is the most common contact allergy. Risk group are mainly makers of jewelry and watches, but also buttons of clothes or other metal objects can trigger the allergic reaction. The symptoms are such as itching, redness, or blistering on the skin, which come with the nickel-containing materials in contact. Approximately 9 million Germans have these complaints particularly in the summer, due to the sweat on the skin much nickel from the metal object is thrown. Just in jewelry you can find nickel free award increasingly”.

Who now but thinks as a nickel allergy of poverty-stricken, that is the solution to all problems, which is wrong. According to all those materials and articles may per week less than 0.5 micrograms emit nickel per square centimeter of the skin a EU directive (94/27/EC of the 30.6.1994) called nickel-free. However, even this small amount is sufficient to cause an allergic reaction again. Therefore, the currency to avoid skin contact with nickel-containing materials was so far. But that’s the nickel easier said than done, because in many everyday objects such as in studs in jeans, lurks buckles on shoes and mobile phones. Researchers and developers from Hesse and Bavaria have now solved this problem with a sealing complex.

Simply spray on and leave it to dry, the subject-matter for a few days is securely sealed. SKINGUARD dispenses with nano technology and can therefore safely be applied. The procedure was applied for the patent and promises a nickel problem for millions of people suffering from allergies.