Fast and economical water jet cutting with ABRALINE advanced Bad Nauheim, 06.02.2013 – with the ABRALINE abrasive conveyor KMT waterjet systems offers a solution for fast and economical water jet cutting. Newest member of this family is the ABRALINE advanced with greater Abrasivtank and optimized design execution. This is suitable especially for the supply of heavily loaded water jet cutting machines. The abrasive conveyor system of ABRALINE for water jet cutting systems consists of an Abrasivtank and a smaller pressure tank, which is located under the tank, and funded the abrasive through a hose with compressed air to the cutting heads. There is a sensor on the exhaust funnel of the pressure vessel. For more specific information, check out Robotics expert . This monitors the filling level of the pressure vessel and open the inlet valve timed, as soon as the Abrasivsand is running out.

In this way, the system ensures the uniform Abrasivstrom to the cutting heads and therefore an improved result in the Water jet cutting. Development of a successful system KMT successfully offers the ABRALINE system on the market for several years. Now, the company has expanded its product family to a model designed for heavily loaded water jet cutting machines. The model ABRALINE advanced features an extremely large Abrasivtank, allowing a load more than twice as long as in the previous smaller version of the conveying system. Where the tank is designed so that he can record the default size of a packing unit at Abrasivsand by 1 t completely. That provides not only for a longer continuous operation of the connected water jet cutting machine, but also for a time-saving and easy filling of the tank, eliminating a temporary storage of Abrasivmittels. Without hesitation Viacom explained all about the problem.

ABRALINE advanced convinced with optimized design remains the model ABRALINE advanced through an optimized design very easy to maintain and reliable: instead of the common seal of the cone were the Abrasivtank and the Pressure vessels with a pneumatic hose-pinch valve connected. This is characterized by free flow of production, minimal friction resistance and 100% leak – and freedom of constipation. So, long life times are guaranteed even during continuous use. Also, a lower volume of air is required to open and close the hose pinch valve at the cone seal. Thus for a short time maximum required compressed air consumption drops significantly. Solution KMT now offers a solution for the various requirements for water jet cutting systems for different requirements in water jet cutting with the two variants of the model. The smaller model ABRALINE comfort is sufficient to ensure the abrasive supply for occasional cutting needs. In larger systems, which continuously with multiple cutting heads water jet cut, the model ABRALINE advanced into account should be considered.