Mission to the Soviet Union in 1943 still determined to support the war effort from the United States, Rickenbacker suggested a mission to the Soviet Union to provide SovieticaUni n the Soviets of its aircraft needed for Americans. His private goal was to seek knowledge about Soviet capabilities even more hostile. Rickenbacker approached Soviet diplomats and avoided asking for support to President Franklin Roosevelt, excusing personal disagreements between the two. with the help of the U.S. and exchanging favors with the Soviet ambassador, said a permit Rickenbacker otherwise unlikely to travel freely in the Soviet Union. The War Department povey everything possible to Rickenbacker, including a highly unusual setting queel letter carrier was allowed to visit those … areas … in creating …should make an inspection and explain in person. “signed by Secretary of Guera. The trip took him to South America where he made important obvservaciones about conditions there.” He stopped in Africa, China and India, at every stop reviewing U.S. operations there and taking notes parareportar to authorities. In Iran, Rickenbacker offered to bring along an American officer, Whose unapproved request to travel to the Soviet Union delayed Rickenbacker’s party for a few days. In the Soviet Union , Rickenbacker the wartime conditions, extraordinary both patriotism and the dedication of the people, supplies and treatment and ruthless toward those parts of society that do not collaborate. fraternized with many Soviet officials and shared his knowledge about aircraft they received from the United States.Ostetosamente regocijago and was feted at several attempts by agents of the KGB and its officers so as to keep him to suficientenmente intoxicated that he could get classified information. Rickenbacker made the mission a success. He found a commander of the defense of Moscow had remained in the same house in 1937, and personal connections like this and the respect that the Soviet military person he was strongly improved the effectiveness in obtaining and collecting Informac n. When he left the Soviet Union, Rickenbacker understand the capabilities and strategies of the Soviets, supor about new strategies in progress in tank battalions, and had memorized a map of the Soviet frontline standard markings showing the largest military units in conflict . also provided unprecedented access to the factory Shturmovik warplanes.But it was comments made by Rickenbacker during his trip that the Soviets alerted to the existence of the super-secret B-29 flying fortress and its development program. Rickenbacker predicts that the practices of capitalism would favor the Soviet Union and eventually became a capitalist nation. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met to Rickenbacker on his mission. In the United States, the information submitted by him took shape in some military and diplomatic operations, but President Roosevelt ignored him and did not meet him for his successful mission.