One of the things you are most critical of Internet Explorer on the comparative with Firefox 3 was its deplorable management system downloads (call it somehow). While all modern browsers are fairly good when it comes to managing files downloaded from the internet, IE does not allow us to pause downloads, or organize, and even search through the files and downloaded. But this post is not for descuerar to Explorer, but rather to offer the users of this browser a solution to this shortcoming.

For that we need to LeechGet, the download manager that there is more complete for Internet Explorer. And is that although we have to MiniDM of IE7 Pro as a good alternative to consider, LeechGet is by far the add-on with more functionality in this aspect. Among its features are the basic ones, such as allowing us to pause and resume downloads, leaving the window of the process hidden in the tray notification and to deliver a complete history discharges that have already been completed.

But it also includes other features rare and quite interesting, as the option to make the download window becomes semitransparent, or keep it always in front. It also allows us to control the width of banda holding each download, and create? Custom profiles? that to be allocated to a particular process set out the priority that will transfer data. Also features an integrated way? Sleep? in which we begin the new downloads will remain until the current pause will be completed. To make matters worse, allows us to schedule downloads, or establish that the PC is turned off or disconnect Internet encuanto files are complete drop, and until we complete download websites. All this for only mention some features of this powerful application.

Despite LeechGet that we can use for free, only allows us to a maximum of 8 download files at a time until they acquire the premium version. And although designed for Internet Explorer, can also be used with Opera and Firefox in Windows, provided under the corresponding plug-ins to intercept discharges.