KeySonic brings a small, fine keyboard on the market that wireless keyboard is similar to a notebook keyboard with the intuition of XS and has a sophisticated look thanks to solid brushed aluminium. Product information: Wireless Mini keyboard in exclusive design and quality with solid brushed aluminium integrated and innovative smart-touchpad with extended finger functions (2 finger = PageUp / down the page similar to a mouse wheel 3 fingers = menu call as with right mouse button) as well as 2 mouse function keys made of solid stainless steel new, bi-directional 2.4 GHz wireless technology for an optimal radio connection up to 7 m distance to the PC this simplified one-way synchronization only of the keyboard from possible particularly flat design with integrated wrist rest for comfortable operation full functionality of a full sized keyboard integrated numeric keypad and 12 function keys ultra-quiet and noticeable stop through high-quality X – type membrane technology more info about the KeySonic wireless intuition XS see: index/details/nid/1604 KomCrew e.V. On the mountain 30 D-84152 Mengkofen contact: Thorsten Mohr crane trail 11 31224 peine Tel.: 05171-2909949 KomCrew e.V. is one of the leading esports associations in Germany. We are known by our ideas and implementations for cooperation partners in the digital medium.