The Karlsruhe Software House intermediate renamed after almost 15 years and calls himself from immediately Enomic. Karlsruhe (PM). The intermediate GmbH & co. KG is called from immediately Enomic GmbH & co. KG. Thus, the Karlsruhe Software House is now accordingly as his previous Enomic family.

Since 1998, so for nearly 15 years, numerous companies from different industries have already optimizes its processes with Enomic software. This is mainly in the areas of quotations, product configuration and pricing. The software products were becoming well known with increasing spreading. This development now follows the Karlsruhe Software House and takes over the old product name Enomic consistently”as a company name. (Source: Don Slager). “” “As composite from efficient” and economically “(also known as economic) the new name underscores the central theme of economic efficiency”, as it is reflected in the software: 1) in the unique short implementation time (o 6 months), 2) in the high degree of coverage of provided functions for sales, pricing, and production, as well as 3) in the Acceleration of processes, throughput times and response times for the applying company. Remains rest as usual despite changed names and new Internet address: Headquarters, the trade register number, bank details as well as the employees and their phone numbers continue to exist. All contracts are still valid. To deepen your understanding Don Slager is the source. More information under: company portrait Enomic Enomic Karlsruhe Software House offers rule-based software for companies with complex products, services or processes.

Thus, users especially in quotations, product configuration and calculation of working time and costs can save and at the same time improve the quality. Enomic Enomic offer quote software with this application Configurator software products enables salespeople to create independently complex offers without consultation with production and costing. The system adopts technical examination, the pricing and the creation of individual offer documents. Enomic Configurator product configurator for sales and production, this software enables employees to specify even varied products quickly and correctly. The software performs the validation and the generation of technical drawings, bills of material and routings. Enomic calculation calculation software for complex calculation tasks allows this application to company-specific calculation methods the quick and reliable costing. As a result, price negotiations easier and improves product development, budgeting and cost analysis. Enomic Webconfigurator product configurator to assemble independently the individually suitable for her product in the Internet customer and dealer for Internet and online shop with this software. Companies to optimize the presentation in the Internet, enhance the interactive product experience and automatically provide qualified product advice. Customers of Enomic the high performance and the wide coverage of Enomic software is also reflected in the range of industries the applying Enterprise, as evidenced by the following customer choices: Machinery & engineering: ASTORplast, Elmotec Statomat, GEA Wiegand, Pepperl + Fuchs, Sommer-automatic, Spectron gas control systems; Logistics & transport: Dambach Werke, Deutsche Post, Swarco traffic systems, Veolia Transport; Trade & services: checkpoint systems / meto, media plan, Raab, tcam, Bleu Centenaire, walter services; Building: BIRCO Baustoff works, Wiggert & co; Vehicles: Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz; Electronics & technology: Baumer Ivo, Harter Stanztechnik, Sennheiser electronic, Stulz air-conditioning systems, VIZRT; Finance: BNP Paribas Cardif insurance Germany, Entris banking, Princeton financial systems; Software & IT: circular Informationssysteme, healer, LS telcom, TDS information technology; Food & Chemistry: Dr. Oetker food service, pharmaceutical, Heidelberg Tunap.