First you will see a page with a list of products; next there will be a page with pictures and product descriptions. There is the module basket for ordering and the module product search. There are several sections of static (‘news’, ‘contacts’, ‘Delivery’, etc.) This is – the basis of the client side, all the developers about this structure. Part of the administration – this is the part which will operate the store (you and your staff). If the client portion of approximately the same for all developers, part of the administration may be very different.

When choosing software for the Internet – shop, you should pay particular attention to this part, because the capabilities of the administrative part of depends not only ease your work, but that pricing and product availability, sales volumes, the company’s development and customer service. My advice to you: before you order the software, carefully review how the The administrative part, and before making a choice, make sure that by the administrative panel you can do the following: Is it possible to place the required quantity of goods? Think of how many items you want to place. If the range of goods is less than 1,000 items, the problems should arise with any software. But what if you want to place, for example, more than 50,000 names? Some developers such capabilities do not provide. How will I manage prices and availability of goods for a large range? Imagine the situation: you have more than 10,000 SKUs, you provider sends a daily price list, where daily changing the cost and availability of goods.