Internet, more and more entwined in our lives. And today – it's not just entertainment or news channel, similar to radio or television! It is also a business environment! Many people use the Internet for business, for of the various foreign exchange transactions, payment of various bills of exchange of classified information, purchase goods and services, etc. Up to 80% of foreign exchange transactions and over 90% of the exchange of classified information carried over the Internet! And often – this information can cost their owners far more than any money! Naturally, the Internet attracts people advanced their capabilities, and advanced fraud included! Hacking, virus attacks, hacking, theft Confidential information – it is just a small list of hazards that threaten users world wide web. And if you, dear reader, think that these dangers do not concern you – you are grossly mistaken! For even now, being online and reading this article, you are very much risk! Namely: at any time, your computer can hack it, steal valuable information, all kinds of passwords, account. Anything! Right now you can fly hard drive and all information it may disappear forever! Or if your computer is to hook a malicious virus that will destroy your data. In a word – can happen, anything! And it's not a joke! Perhaps You have simply not faced with similar situations.

Maybe you think you're lucky, and you are not threatened. And God forbid that this did not happen to you, such as an Internet entrepreneur Alexander! (His wrenching story you can read by clicking on the link 'How to turn your pc into a fortress? "), you will reliably protect your computer? Do you have any antivirus, the latest update to the operating system? Did a backup? Encrypted data is valuable? If not, do so immediately! This is the minimum required to be performed by any user of the Internet! Most computer programs have set of holes through which it is very easy to circumvent the protection of computer hackers and computer viruses. In addition, the hard drive itself is actually very fragile electronic mechanical device, can refuse at any moment without apparent reason! Council progressive users! Regularly use the backup data on cd / dvd. This will protect your data from irreparable loss. Use not only one anti-virus – check a few! Alternately using them, you can cut one program gaps and holes, thereby increasing the efficiency of protection! Digitizing the world continues, and its rates are growing every day.

And this means a growing need for reliable protection information! The presence of anti-virus and regular backups – now this is clearly not enough to truly protect information! Requires a whole complex of protective measures: programs, antivirus, firewall, knowledge of the most common ways to steal information, methods and tools of fraud, of a truly reliable backup and data archiving, etc. etc. Not only the beginner, but even yaromu user to protect their computer and your information is 100% impossible without special knowledge and skills that are owned only by professionals. And if you want to make your pc impregnable fortress, I recommend to read content of this page: How to turn your pc into a fortress? I wish you every success in the effective protection of their information!