Seeing the global importance of healthy and beautiful image in both men and women, establishing the importance of creating a space for interaction, an International Conference of Management of SPAS, Beauty and Hairdressing to generate a forum for communication and marketing with current and future implications in the social and economic sector. While the rapidly changing technology, new tools are generated, through which, the employer of SASP may present their products and services business in developing new and existing markets. 1. Introduction International Congress SPAS Management, Beauty and Hairdressing is designed to deliver its cutting-edge tools for attendees to get an effective and profitable segments and new consumer groups. It will cover new developments in medical treatments and rigorous criteria for quality improvement in the health service and body, creating a competitive advantage in local and international business market. 2.General Purpose Upon completion of the International Congress on Management of SPAS, Beauty and Hairdressing, attendees will be able to: Understand the strategic tools for professional in the market for comprehensive spa and beauty. Develop and innovate services and spa packages for different target, with lots of creativity and responsibility. How to transform a SPA in a Medical Spa, among others. To promote the analysis and discussion of relations between the world of aesthetics, with areas such as business, technology, culture, communication, environment, among others. Integrate interactive marketing strategies at international level for greater coverage of services SPAS. 3.Attendee Profile Owners, Directors and Managers SPA Advisors and Consultants for development and implementation of SPAS General Practitioners, Dermatologists, Medical and Aesthetic Medicine F sisca Beauticians, therapists and spa professionals 4. Contents Integrated Management Strategies SPAs Business Plan: Establish a business plan for a spa from guidance, design, construction, and preparing the menus. Job description: Interest in learning about the characteristics and responsibilities of positions in a spa. Employee Handbook: Learn how to develop an employee handbook, and presentation features. Operations, procedures and standards: As an operations manual developed, maintain standards, and procedures. 2. Update SPA therapies. 3. Latest massage techniques, relaxation and rejuvenecimiento4.