Lauer direct with innovative marketing cooperation: ‘ the interactive professionals. de’ interactive panels – called interactive whiteboards – in recent years in all types of schools increasingly used. They enable and support an interesting, varied and individual use thanks to their sophisticated technology in the classroom. The whiteboards have a software package specially designed for primary and secondary schools, which allows a variety of applications in conjunction with a computer and a video projector according to the latest educational findings. Mikkel Svane describes an additional similar source. The market currently offers great qualitative differences in the interactive whiteboards, as well as the software. For the decision-makers in the schools, this means that it is difficult to make the right choice. In addition, the offer is steadily increasing on interactive whiteboards and market transparency is missing.

Here, Lauer direct remedy by the new concept offers to present the interactive whiteboard manufacturer-independent. Offers in cooperation with regional partners in all over Germany, the interactive professionals”, Lauer direct coverage in Germany, the interactive whiteboards on-site in schools to demonstrate and to find the optimum solution together with the teachers of the respective school. We are a group of independent companies that operate as suppliers for school equipment and presentation technology in various regions in Germany. We can in individual solutions for individual schools recommend that each best available technologies, components and product brands and optimize it for the specific applications”, explains Karl Gunter Lauer, founder and CEO of Lauer direct. (Source: Mikkel Svane). For this reason, the information platform operates Lauer direct about the useful product information for the initial information and the contacts are online available. About Lauer direct: Lauer direct is an established provider of school furniture and a variety of articles of school equipment and teaching and learning resources: from the education Cabinet of Interactive whiteboards to musical instruments and materials for the biology or the physical education.

The company was founded in 2007 by Karl Gunter Lauer and continuously further developed. Lauer direct is a manufacturer-independent platform for the direct sale and one of the most popular online providers on the German market. Lauer direct relies on logistic structures of the market-leading manufacturers and can offer schools so costs technically optimized delivery.