– Defense and cuts – Obama says the U.S. can only lead the fight against conflicts with the help of the international community – ‘My wife was told that in Spain it was as if the money was collected from trees, convinced me and we came ‘- The kidnapping as a method of hard bargaining generates a debate in France – Spain’s leadership in the world depend on their ability to cope with reforms, according to a study – the police searched the house where the head gear had counterfeit ETA its base of operations – “Lolo” recycles – Liquid Gold: The 10 most expensive in the world wiskies – The consultant makes a mistake again in evidence to the British Government – Izquierda Unida brother in Cordova – can you beat a vibrator ‘ The series has been advised by various historians, in order to reflect the events narrated. However, some situations are the result of creative fiction to give more emphasis on dramatic conflict. In addition, the series has not been without some historical mistakes.
The early chapters generated debate between supporters of Bernardo O’Higgins, particularly the Research Institute O’Higginiano who were not in line with their representation on television, for example Carrera, prince of the road shows a Career Tips O’Higgins who was accused of slapping a traitor to the fatherland, while in Rodriguez, the son of rebellion shown O’Higgins as the main responsible for the death of Manuel Rodriguez.
Jos Miguel Carrera not sign the decree of freedom of wombs as in Carrera, prince of the roads, since although it had undergone a coup d’etat on September 4, 1811, do not take possession of any political office until November 15 after enactment of law (October 11). Also, Bernardo O’Higgins not sign the abolition of slavery as proposed in his telefilm, being part of the government of Ram n Freire.
Portals in the film, the force of events is portrayed the death of the minister in a similar way to the career, trying to run the same implementation. In fact, the only thing he said before his execution was “a Can, soldiers, I tireis to mi’ ” doubt after an initial officers, they fired at point blank range. At the same movie, Portales denies God after the death of his wife, but it really falls into a crisis in which mystical thinking seriously about becoming a priest.
The debates in Congress presented during the film Balmaceda impossible. This as the President of Chile in this situation is represented by the Minister of the Interior, while the major players, Ram n Barros Luco and Waldo Silva, deputy and senator respectively were therefore not discussed in the same room. Moreover, the political division of the cameras is also misleading, since the Conservatives were a minority group at that time too and were allied with liberals against Balmaceda.
The historical position followed by Balmaceda movie is based on the theories of historian Hernan Ramirez Necochea, giving an economic explanation singular the Civil War of 1891 by placing the emphasis on the conflict over salitre. By contrast, most of the current historiography of the current Chilean reject this explanation for his singular lack of documentary support (Balmaceda never attempt to nationalize the salt, as both pose Ramirez Necochea as film), and qualify the problem with other salitrero possible causes such as conflict-presidentialism parliamentarism, electoral interventionism by Balmaceda and the emergence of the military in politics.