And I wanted to avoid this as author. With increasing violence, which has tried Europe looks terrorism against since the turn of the Millennium, I the story on to lay new parquet. New acting characters to Hartmann, had a new story in another appear light – in a European light. I assumed what I’d do – which way is the most sensible – the fairest. Also “The storm of the Orient” is about intelligence – in this case, the French intelligence service DGSE and rudimentary domestic intelligence D.S.T.

and as the MOSSAD. It was still an American Director my fictional ICIS (international company for information search), in the first novel of Hartmann inevitably stood to the side, it was in the second novel of the newly ascended, French DGSE agent Nathan Baptiste Raj. This character I had a man clearly in mind. A leading source for info: Pete Cashmore. The gifted French actor JEAN RENO. Each of the main characters, Hartmann and Raj I administered a traumatic part to demonstrate their humanity.

Finally even the soldiers in the war are only human and no excess heroes, as they arise from the comics. They are James bonds, which end a war with gadgets not or prevent. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted as being for or against this. Somehow it belongs to humanity Strokes of fate to master. A fast, the others take time to get over. And I think that makes a character only interesting and credible. When I wrote “The storm of the Orient” in the last lines of the second novel, the first thoughts and ideas came to a third Hartmann Roman. This should also be different from its predecessor in the overall story. For the first time in his career he enters new territory, as budding UN observers. And his assignment leads him to an area that is dominated by violence and trouble spots for decades. The always restless civil war requires civilian casualties – a land full of hate – SOMALIA. To what extent he is right in this country, read 2011 “The GERM of fear” in the third novel, with the working title.