Such, gets a huge hug. It greets you your friend Carlos Olvera from Guanajuato. Mexico, if you are a frequent follower of this blog may have noticed that I was difficult to post threads in recent days and for my believe that you deserve a justification. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. The main reason some excesses of thank God work in the field of the development of Web pages my other passion not there are more reasons, but I’m already here in return and to you dear friend @ that newly enter into this blog give you the more welcome you to the types of computer and beyond: and without more explanations begin. During all the previous post I have tried to get close to the computer types in all aspects, to level Hardware Software and Humanware, albeit with greater focus on the hardware of a computer and because? I’ve always been of the idea that if you are going to use something at least you must know your basic and good performance that you like also otherwise as that becomes more difficult, therefore I have tried to bring these post from below; It may be that you share this idea or not, but in the case of computers it is better to know how it is your operation to then split to a whole world of possibilities so this time I’m going to take a trip through the hard disk drives fixed or Hard Disc (HD) El Otro brain of the computer. While the computer would not have no function without the brain of the computer microprocessor, could equally say that the computer would not have no function without the hard disk, hence the title of this post, to the extent that we know how it works, proper use, care and precautions when handling them, the correct configuration, installation, and more beyond will not give the ability to go to another level in the use of computers.