A good advice on investment requires a centrally defined investment strategy that can be implemented efficiently in software. Banks are under enormous cost pressures in the investment advice. At the same time increase the regulatory and liability risks. This challenge can be solved only with a support of the consulting process with software and a prescribed centrally defined and independent of developments of the investment strategy. Optimization of quality of advice and liability risks through consulting software in the investment advice is always new studies criticize the investment advice in banks. As a result of the sobering part results, the legislature increasingly regulated the process of investment advisory and securities advice. Implementation is ongoing intensified State regulations leads to soaring costs and liability risks of credit institutions in the Securities and investment business. To meet the legal requirements and Bank-economic needs, providing investment advice should therefore, Usage of software solutions or a consulting software be used cost-efficiently and minimise liability risks to ensure a bank uniform and legally compliant approach of all investment advisors.

Criticism by consumer protection agencies and the consequences of a poor investment advice not only according to one published in June 2012 investigation by the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) Bank advice has serious shortcomings. Customer needs will not well determined enough and the product selection achievements not individually matched on the individual life and needs of customers. Consultation protocols would not often made. Postbank closes their investment advice after poor test results end June 2012 and offers only standard products such as day money, fixed-term deposits as well as money market, pension and equity funds. In November 2012 in Germany in effect beaten investor protection and function improvement Act a consultant register with the Federal agency establishes the financial supervisory authority (BFin). Customer complaints advisers must be reported within a six-week period of the BFin.