However, the logic of time lead us to believe that some influence each other. When will finalize the times of uncertainty is one of the major unknowns that we are trying to resolve for now. While there are signs of recovery, we can pretty safely assume that it is likely to take some time. If we go back in time to observe the development of the price of crude oil from rises above $148,00, we see that we have rapidly recovered half of the losses, with crude oil trading at $ 76,50 area currently WTI. The market has drawn a very strong trend, even with a movement toward the $ 68.50 in the low zone that leaves him in a bullish trend.

Anyone who match the S & P500 index graph and chart from WTI crude oil shall verify that There is a high degree of correlation in the price. Many believe that if the shares rebound, we have a clear sign of recovery. In the short term, this has proved true. Rates of unemployment in the United States.UU. recently published have pushed equities down, and WTI crude has dropped with them, which resulted in a loss of $ 2.00 on that day.

The next day we saw gains in crude oil, in line with the profits marked by equities. If we let equities to one side, the technical data of the market indicate the $ 76.50 level will be the key level in the short term. If the correlation to short-term continued compliance with respect to equities and oil, we will have to see a fall of actions until we see further cuts of crude oil. As regards the long term, we need to be sure and examine the fundamental data surrounding the market. With this in mind, it must be very clear what the authentic elements that guide the market: supply and demand. We also have clear is that you demand It is still very low, with little certainty about when the recovery will definitely impose. Future oil inefficiency will be a key element that must be considered in its time, and in General, unless it is established in the short term, will contribute to the rise in prices. However, inefficient energy use has very high costs, which will not be good for equities. In other words, do not trust too forthcoming trends in the short term, because the change toward recovery necessarily passes through a few solid fundamental data.